About Sixhats

The online media or new media as they call it is rapidly growing. However there is still a section of our society, who are not accustomed with the online media to conduct their businesses. Six Hats Online Solutions is about building portals for such individuals or businesses, building a sustainable business model and successfully operating these online portals. The name of the company is inspired by Edward De Bono’s concept of “Six Thinking Hats” for parallel thinking. Each Hat is of a different color and represents something:


Our Mission -To build online portals for predominantly offline businesses.

Our Values

  • Honesty – We are sincere, straightforward and fair in our conduct while dealing with our business partners, vendors, employees and customers.
  • Commitment – We deliver on our promises to ensure the best customer experience, both internal and external.
  • Compassion – We listen, understand and empathize with our employees, business partners and customers to improve our business services.
  • Creativity – We re-invent ourselves, our business model and processes to ensure win-win situation for our business, business partners, employees, vendors and customers.