When we looked around in our neighborhood, we saw a lot of talent – the lady who made mouth-watering pickles, the tailor who stitched clothes to perfection, the lady who painstakingly stitched beautiful rugs, the artist whose paintings are well admired but only amongst a select few, the potter, the candle makers, the baker, etc. The question we asked ourselves was, can we create a wider market for this neighbourhood talent? The answer was, yes, of course. The internet has made it so easy to reach a wider audience so much so that you are not just restricted to selling to your neighbourhood, but the entire city, country and world. However even though there is a surge of e-commerce portals, these are not affordable for the lower-income individuals. So we decided to build a business model and an internet platform in the form of Gharobar to help sellers / service providers across all strata of society.

This website is built for the sole purpose of helping home-based entrepreneurs and start-ups with exclusive products connect with the ever increasing e-shopper or buyers who browse the internet for their purchases. Our vision is to make home-based businesses financially independent and economically viable. For them, Gharobar should be synonymous to  growth!

Gharobar’s Differentiators are:

  • Gharobar does not feature retail brands, it aims at targeting ¬†products and services from home based entrepreneurs, start-ups and exclusive items.
  • We offer space not just for products but even to home-based entrepreneurs who offer services such as beauticians, interior designers, coaching classes, music classes, cooking classes, etc.
  • Sellers and service providers have complete control over the content they put up for their products and services. Gharobar can be used as their own personal branding space.
  • Buyers can contact sellers and service providers directly.
  • Our website is search engine optimized. This means that if a buyer keys in a related keyword/s on Google, Gharobar will appear on the first page. This however will take time as the process of optimization will take around a month atleast.
  • For sellers who are mobile and exhibit in different places, they can use our cost-effective SMS and email notification system to let their buyers know about their next exhibition.